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Artist Statement

My sculptures were initially formal experiments in light, color and form. More recently I’ve been exploring the feminine and vaginal forms that were occurring naturally in my work. My forms now are more intentionally vaginal and often, aggressively frilly. I started using finishes like gold and colored metal leaf to add even more adornment, after reading actress Mindy Kahling say, “Men tend to not understand or like sequins very much,” but that women love wearing them. Why is the abundance and celebration those of us who identify as femme so off putting to some who would have us hide our light? Why should the vagina be a secret? Why should we have to dress in dark colors and hide our shine to be taken seriously, when, clearly, we are powerful? The goal being to make the viewer consider why such forms create feelings of joy and empowerment in some and revulsion or dismissal from others, due to their perceived feminine nature.


Press and Interviews

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