Created as part of a body of work focused on experimenting with movement and color, these pieces are the evolution of works that were inspired by science fiction and the unbelievably bizarre and wonderous sea life that lives in our own oceans. 


Materials: polymer clay, acrylic paint, hanging lamp 


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Whirling Cloudburst

  • Hanging lamp uses regular household LED bulbs (compatible with E26 or E27 socket) and plugs into a wall outlet. (120 volts)

    Lamp comes with hanging hooks.

    Cord features an on and off switch. 


    Use LED bulbs only. Incandescent of halogen bulbs give off heat that could damage the sculpture.

    Please display in comfortable temperatures and do not store or display in direct sunlight or extreme heat and humidity. Sunlight will fade the paint over time.

    Dust very gently with a soft, dry cloth only when necessary. 

    Avoid handling with bare hands, often. Your hands contain oils that can damage any paint surface over time.